Auckland shop fitter office

If you are looking for the best solutions for partitions or any changes that will really transform your office, then we are the company to trust because Auckland Shopfitters & Co has got your needs and more covered.  We are based in New Zealand, where we can change your worn out and plain work spaces into the most conducive office spaces you can ever plan out.

With our team of experts by your side, you know you have someone who can team up with you in creating the most functional office fit outs that can significantly better the employee efficiency and productivity.

Our team of professionals possess the skills and knowledge to transform several types of spaces, such as the oldest offices. Our company can even secure your needed permits, as well as the process for getting a building permit and more:

  • Changing and improving the sketches for the plan;
  • Complying with the building permit requirements;
  • Meeting with the needs for the property plan and ceiling plan;
  • Enabling clients to come up with an agreement as regards the layout of the project;
  • Following the right process for the owner’s consent form;
  • Doing and adhering to a building permit application;
  • Coming up with the necessary documentation for the site surveyor;

Auckland Shopfitters & Co will be your guide in determining an assessment of your office fit out needs, and from there, come up with solutions for the needs of our clients.